About Lullaby Sitters

Lullaby League Sitters is a mobile babysitting service serving homes in the San Diego, CA, area. Lullaby League Sitters started as a small company, but became seriously popular in the San Diego area. Now having over 20 mom-approved sitters working with the company, and hundreds of happy families with tended-to children, Lullaby League Sitters exists to make your life easier.

The business began when busy parents met a growing need to hire babysitters, and finding babysitters to rely on, and trust, became increasingly difficult. The hired babysitter cancels your appointment. Another babysitter leaves the house messy. A babysitter is asleep when you come home.

One babysitter could not properly apply a Band-Aid, and the last babysitter failed to serve a meal. Enough is enough. After searching through newspaper advertisements, phonebook yellow pages, and familiar contacts, the busy parents decided the time arrived to develop their own babysitting service. Experienced busy parents would be helping other busy parents quit fighting the reliable babysitter battle.

Not only did this new company need to be able to provide services in the comfort of the customers own home, but also the company should allow you to choose your sitter, set specific guidelines in your childcare regimen, and feel comfortable to the children, like their parents never left. Lullaby League Sitters developed all of these important areas of providing licensed at-home childcare, and the company is now more responsible than ever. When needing a babysitter, call Lullaby League Sitters to receive help that is professional, reliable, safe, and secure.

          The main goal of Lullaby League Sitters is to help busy parents maintain a household by raising their children when they are not around, afterward, seeing the children develop, and grow, like any other normal child. Happy children is the main reward of doing business, so Lullaby League Sitters strives to give each child the personalized attention they truly deserve by asking questions, and connecting results to the profiles of trusted babysitters.

Parents who need some relaxing time, have other commitments, or are unable to take care of their child, or children, at the moment, are able to relax without worry. Shh, the children are resting, the house is not burning down, and you can hear no screaming, crying, or hurt. A meal was served, and the dishes are done. Have faith in your babysitter, and have faith in yourself. Lullaby League Sitters will coo any childcare situation when parents are out of the house.


They are the best sitters in townn I use them all the time. Pam and the team
are all super friendly and true professionals do not hesitate to work with them.