"It's like speed dating...only it's for parents and babysitters"

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what is lullaby league?

A last minute meeting, a doctor appointment, your nanny calls in sick, even a romantic evening out…We all love our kids, but there are times when we require some much needed (and probably long overdue) childcare help. Lullaby League comes to the rescue by providing parents the perfect way to meet university and college students who are looking for babysitting work.

At each fun-filled hour long Lullaby League mixer, parents meet a dozen or so fun and fabulous university and college students who are looking for babysitting jobs. This is the perfect way to meet, chat, see resumes and get to know each other…face to face. Parents will have a chance to have 3 to 4 minute “mini interviews’ with each sitter candidate to get a feel for who they are and how they might fit into their family. This is truly a cost-effective way of interviewing multiple candidates at a time versus spending hours surfing the web, searching community job boards and setting up multiple appointments. In just one hour you can meet great babysitters, with references who are ready to meet the kids!

perfect for:

Single Parents
Business Owners
Working families
Stay at home moms

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